Blending Expertise

Blending volume, scale and complexity

We run state-of-the-art industrial-grade blenders capable of processing all manner of seasoning batches. Our in-line sifters reduce foreign material ingress and maintain uniform granulation. Count on us to ensure:  

• Consistency of blends
• All products meet your specifications
• Large-scale production
• Speed to market

Awarded for our knowhow and creative vision

Shashi’s product development and culinary expertise are second to none in terms of both sheer deliciousness and overall marketability. And you needn’t take our word for it: When an artisan cracker company was in search of new flavor toppings for an innovative line of flatbreads, Shashi’s team went to task. Purpose driven, our spice experts created a proprietary blend with incredible flavor and rich aromas, unlike no other on the market. This perfect combination of gourmet flatbread seasoned with Shashi’s exclusive premium blends received numerous Sofi Awards for Culinary Expertise.

Blending brilliantly for half a century

The knowledge we’ve acquired from our five decades’ experience producing culinary blends is for exacting clients is without compare. You have our assurance that our Product Development Team will take your most creatively audacious ideas from concept to reality with professionalism and adherence to your precise requirements and timelines.

Or choose from our in-house blends such as:
  • Blackening Seasoning
  • Zesty Pepper Medley
  • Mixed Peppercorn
  • Celery Pepper Seasoning
  • BBQ Seasoning 
  • Beef Soup Base
  • Chili Con Carne Seasoning
  • Chicken Soup Base (with or without MSG)