Market savvy. Global reach. Careful selection. That’s how we get it done.

We navigate the complexities of global sourcing, so you don’t have to. We roam the world, scouring the highest mountains, remotest regions and undiscovered markets to bring food companies new, seasonings, legumes, superfoods and grains. Our passion is to exceed the efforts of others in our industry to deliver fresh flavors, untouchable quality and clear advantage to our customers.

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Marjoram is known for it's delicate flavors and amazing aromas with sweet notes, similar to oregano. This versatile herb is well regarded for it's many healing benefits, such as improving blood circulation, headaches, migraines, and more. Available in rubbed or ground.
Marjoram Ground
Yellow Split Pea is protein-packed, high in fiber, and offers an earthy tone.
Yellow Split Pea Flour
Chamomile Flowers are used to make herbal teas filled with amazing aromas, and contains many health benefits including pain reduction, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation and helping with relaxation and sleep.
Chamomile Flowers
Red Quinoa is a wholesome superfood, known for it's distinct shade of red. It is an extremely nutritious grain, offering a mild nutty flavor. Available in organic.
Quinoa Red

Your success demands a consistent supply chain.

Our supplier relationships have been forged though nearly five decades in business, and they span over 40 countries. We’ve built a well-established global broker network in Singapore, Dubai, Rotterdam, and New York, staking out a rare niche in the North American marketplace. This enables us to secure positions in the market at times when others cannot, which translates into a consistent supply chain for you. 


Premium products sourced with intent


Global relationships built in over 40 countries 


Years of industry leading expertise 



Want quality that scales? Our team cracked it, creating processes that increase production with zero compromise to ingredient or product quality. This means we’re equipped for high-volume food processing and capable of supplying a panoply of food products to our valued partners at their scale. 



Go big or start small. We seek customers who, like us, are always striving to elevate the quality and consistency of their food products. It’s why our production facilities are outfitted with the most advanced industrial-grade blenders – we measure each ingredient to create premium blends made with high quality ingredients. 



Be a triple-threat. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art auto-packing technology. We’ve attracted the finest in product testing and production expertise. And we’ve combined the resulting efficiency and consistency gains with deep customer collaboration to deliver a sophisticated range of end-products.  Meeting ever-more challenging customer needs is our mandate and our motivation. 

The Shashi catalog

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We bring you the world – one ingredient at a time.

Shashi Foods – a global commodities trader, specializing in a wide-ranging assortment of products spanning seasonings, legumes, superfoods and grains – operates as the trading division of the Shah Canada Group of Companies. With longstanding relationships formed in over 40 countries across the world, including a well-established global broker network in Singapore, Dubai, Rotterdam, and New York, Shashi Foods holds a competitive position in the North American commodities marketplace. 

Shashi Foods values relationships, forging strong global connections while navigating the complexities of transporting goods safely and securely across borders. Direct sourcing is at our core, procuring high quality ingredients with intent.